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  • Akigis
    23.04.2020 at 04:44
    alpert_rule, a library which can set up an Alpert quadrature rule for functions which are regular, log(x) singular, or 1/sqrt(x) singular.; alpert_rule_test; analemma, a program which evaluates the equation of time, a formula for the difference between the uniform 24 hour day and the actual position of the sun, based on a C program by Brian Tung. Reply
  • Zulkidal
    20.04.2020 at 03:45
    Jan 18,  · Appendix:List of Latin phrases (P–Z) This appendix lists direct English translations of Latin phrases. Some of the phrases are themselves translations of Greek phrases, as Greek rhetoric and literature reached its peak centuries before that of Ancient Rome. Reply
  • Nagor
    20.04.2020 at 02:33
    Quotes from The Brain Fog Fix “study that showed that even people without diabetes who had high blood sugar performed worse on memory tests. What’s more, the same study found that people with higher blood-sugar levels had a shrunken hippocampus, which is the part of the brain involved in learning.7 And” — 1 likes/5. Reply
  • Jura
    18.04.2020 at 17:35
    Last week’s “Force Friday”* wasn’t just about the release of new Star Wars toys. It also heralded the start of “Journey To The Force Awakens,” a planned series of stories detailing the. Reply
  • Kemi
    16.04.2020 at 19:42
    Dec 29,  · 12BBY: During the Second Clone War (Battlefront II) a rogue clone of Jango Fett named Spar, posing as Boba Fett, leads the Mandalorians in conflict with surviving Jedi. It is rumored that a Sith Lord (either the Emperor or a vengeful Darth Maul) influences Spar; the war is apparently fought to capture a surviving Padme Amidala or her rumored child. Reply
  • Sharisar
    19.04.2020 at 12:11
    STAR WARS HOT WHEELS Character Cars *Please Note: When first released in , these cars came on "blue" cards with character art. At some point in , the cards switched to a mostly "black" design, and cars were reissued with numbers assigned to them. Reply

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